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Conduct and Policies

Rule of Two

The Coaching Association of Canada’s Rule of Two states that there will always be two screened and NCCP-trained or certified coaches with an athlete in situations where the athlete is potentially vulnerable. One–on–one interactions between a coach and an athlete, without another individual present, must be avoided in all circumstances except medical emergencies.

Code of Conduct to Protect Children

The Burnaby District Metro Select Program (BDMS) has developed the following Child Protection Code of Conduct to guide our employees/volunteers in their interactions with children.

The safety, rights and well-being of children we serve are at the core of our daily programs. We nurture supportive relationships with children while balancing and encouraging appropriate boundaries.

Inappropriate Conduct Policy

Here is a quick reference on steps for reporting Inappropriate Conduct within a sporting environment.

Code of Conduct and Ethics

BDMS follows and adheres to the BC Soccer Conduct, Ethics and Discipline Policy.

Child Abuse Reporting Reference

This is a quick reference for reporting Child Abuse within a sporting environment:

Guidelines for Adults Interacting with Children

The purpose of these guidelines is to establish a common understanding of expectations for
adults interacting with children in sport, and a sense of safety for those who need to bring forward any concerns of misconduct towards children.

Coach Code of Conduct

BDMS coaches are expected to abide by the BC Soccer Code of Conduct for coaches.

Parent Code of Conduct

BDMS parents are expected to abide by the BC Soccer Code of Conduct for Parents.

Social Media Policy

BDMS athletes, coaches, volunteers and atheltes are expected to abide by the policies and guidelines as set out in the BC Soccer Social Media Policy.