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COVID Procedures

Team Selection COVID Procedures

BDMS Team Selection COVID Procedures

Prior to attending a team training session with BDMS, please ensure the following protocols/procedures have been completed and or adhered to:

  1. Complete and Agree to required documents

    You will need to agree to the BDMS Participation Agreement, Waiver and confirm that your son or daughter hasn't trained with another team in the 14 days prior to attending a BDMS training session.

    You can request a link to this documentation by e-mailing chair@bbydistrictmetrosoccer.com

  2. Complete a COVID-19 Health Check prior to leaving for practice

    A coach or team manager will ask you to confirm you "pass" the health check prior to starting training.

  3. Face masks are required

    Players must wear a face mask while waiting to enter the field area.  They can remove their face mask once on the field and after placing their backpack down.  Players do not need to wear a facemask during training.

  4. Sanitize your hands

    A coach or manager will use hand sanitizer spray to sanitize all players hands prior to the beginning of training and again before leaving the field at the end of training.

  5. No Spectators

    Unfortunately no spectators are allowed to stay and watch our training sessions.  It is drop off and pick up for parents only.
Thanks for your co-operation and understanding with adhering to these protocols and procedures designed to keep our players and volunteers safe.