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Game Day Procedures

Game Day Procedures

The following procedures have been put in place for BDMS home games during BC Soccer's phase two return to play.  We appreciate you taking the time to read and understand these procedures and recommendations.    Please note these are subject to change.

  • NO spectators will be allowed at outdoor sporting events further to the Provincial Health order of November 19.

  • Please keep a physical distance of at least 2m from people outside your household bubble.

  • We please ask anyone in the vicinity of the field, to wear a mask. 

  • Only players, coaches, managers and referees are allowed in the field area (inside the gates/fence or within 2m of any fence or turf surface).  The only exception is someone designated by a team official to assist with setting up field equipment.

  • Use the correct gates marked for entrance and exit of fields:

    • Burnaby Lake West (field map)

    • Cariboo (field map)
      There is only one entrance to Cariboo from the parking lot, so please ensure you maintain physical distance when entering and exiting the facility.

  • Parents, friends and siblings are not permitted to be on the field surface at any time.  This includes during pre-game warm up or any post game cool down.

  • No gathering or congregating of groups are allowed (before, during, or after games).  We ask for everyone to leave as quickly as safely possible after the game to avoid congestion.

  • Please follow and be respectful of any directions provided by any City of Burnaby Employee or BDMS team official or volunteer.

  • Remember that this is just a game and we're all here for the players.  In times like this it's easy to lose patience or become frustrated.  If that occurs, we ask everyone to take a step back, take a deep breath, and keep calm!


  • All players (BDMS and visitors) must complete a health check assessment.  Teams using TeamSnap may use their built in Health Check, or you may use the BC COVID-19 Self-Check at:

  • Only players that "pass" the health check may be permitted to enter the field area, and participate in the game.

  • Must arrive at the field dressed and ready to play.  There will be no access to changing rooms.

  • Players must sanitize their hands before entering and exiting the field area.  BDMS team managers will sanitize BDMS players' hands.  We ask visiting teams to please sanitize their own teams hands.  If as a visiting team you don't have hand sanitizer, please talk with the BDMS manager and they will assist you with this. 

  • Bring a mask as we are asking everyone in the bench area to wear a mask (players/coaches/manager).

  • We are asking players wear a mask as they are waiting to enter, and then walk onto the field.  Please have players wear their mask until leaving the bench area to start warm up.

  • All players should bring their own water bottles.  There will be NO sharing of water.

  • No spitting or nose clearing at the field 

Team Officials (Coaches/Managers)
  • All team officials (home and away) must complete a health check assessment.  Teams using TeamSnap may use their built in Health Check, or you may use the BC COVID-19 Self-Check at:

  • A BDMS team official must confirm/verify all players and team officials participating have completed and "passed" a health check assessment prior to their participation in the game.  

  • A visiting team official must advise the BDMS manager that health checks have been completed and passed by their players and team officials before they can enter the field area.

  • No more than 3 team officials (coaches/managers) are to be on the team bench.  If you are a female team, one of the three officials must also be a female.

  • Please sanitize players' hands before entering the field, and again before leaving.

  • If you are using built in field benches (such as BLW), please spray down with sanitizer and wipe with a towel before being used by your players.  

  • Please bring a mask, as we are asking everyone in the bench area wear a mask.  If you need to attend to an injured player on the field, please ensure you are wearing your mask and gloves.

  • If a ball goes over the fence, a person designated by the BDMS home team will retrieve and return the ball to a BDMS coach or manager.  The BDMS coach/manager will sanitize the ball, on the sideline,  prior to using the ball again.  

    BDMS teams will have the game ball and two back up balls ready to go.

  • Sanitize all equipment (balls/cones/etc.) after the game.

  • BDMS team officials, at HOME games, must take a photo of the referees official game sheet after each match.  Please e-mail the game sheet, IMMEDIATELY after the game, along with the contact name and e-mail address of the visiting team manager (or team official) for contact tracing purposes.  In this e-mail, also include the name and contact information of the center and assistant referees.  This e-mail should be sent to attendance@bbydistrictmetrosoccer.com.

  • In the event we are required to provide Provincial Health Officers, or the City of Burnaby, an attendance list for contact tracing purposes, a BDMS team official will promptly follow up with the manager of the visiting team for a list of e-mail addresses for all participants of their team.

  • If a BDMS player, or team official, tests positive for COVID-19, or has to self-isolate because of a potential exposure, please e-mail us as soon as possible to make us aware.  This is extremely important so we can follow our Illness plan and safety procedures.

Team Bench Setup and Etiquette

The following rules were put in place to help create the safest possible environment for our Assistant Referees.
  • Burnaby Lake West - click for field map

    • The Home team will use the south side bench, closest to the ScotiaBarn/Canlan complex (see field map)

    • The Home team will set a series of cones in the bench area that are approximately 2m from the area the AR runs down the sideline, and into the "dugout" area.

    • Players must stay inside the "dugout" area and wear a mask in this area.

    • Coaches may step out past the cones, but must step into the "dugout" area when an Assistant Referee (AR) is running the line.

    • The Visiting team will use the north side bench, closest to Joe Sakic Way (see field map)

    • Teams will not be permitted to warm up on the sidelines.  They must either do a stretch in the dugout area, or leave the field area to warm up out outside the perimeter of the field (perhaps the warm up area behind field #4).

  • Cariboo - click for field map

    • The Home team will setup a bench area on one sideline, at the end of the field farthest from the parking lot/washroom building (see field map).

    • The Visiting team will setup a bench area on the sideline opposite the home team bench, at the end of the field closest to the parking lot/washroom building (see field map).

    • Teams may do an in game warm up between their team bench and the end line, on the sideline (see field map)

Thank you for your understanding and patience during these ever changing and uncertain times.